Hanover Wall Systems Corp. has been serving in Ontario and Alberta with its professionally trained staff that has all necessary skills plus imagination to deliver high quality craftsmanship to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction since 2002.

Our exceptional service and professional expertise joined with innovative and creative ideas to serve you better whether you are building, renovating, restoring or redesigning. Hanover staff will help you give your building or residence a striking, distinctive appearance, add some value on your property with the design freedom of unlimited colors, textures, specialty finishes, integral shapes, curves and details within your budget. Every project is important to us, big or small, and will be finished with precision.

The Hanover name has always been associated with dependability, integrity, quality and durability.

Core Purpose
We aim to nurture exceptional creativity and innovation by supporting People's continuous and ambitious personal and professional growth in the pursuit of the highest quality products and services which advance global business standards and practices.

Core Purpose

Safety Before All Else

Hanover People and the Company place Safety ahead of achieving any of its other plans and goals. Our commitment to Safety extends to Hanover People, our customers and the public. Hanover Staff are expected to implement work plans which achieve Safety as the primary goal and to improve work site conditions to eliminate potential safety risks. The Company will provide effective safety training, including health and wellness education and support, and finance equipment safety innovations and improvements.
We Keep Our Customers Happy
Hanover Wall Systems have focused on keeping customers happy since the beginning. This requires Hanover staff to anticipate and exceed customer needs and expectations. The result is that you get what you need, whether that’s the right information, right products or service. We work hard to build long-term valuable business partnerships with our customers.

We Deal with Honesty and Integrity
Our staff always conduct business with uncompromising honesty and integrity. People in every job are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and fairness in all of our dealings with customers, suppliers, communities, and other Hanover people. We trust that the people and organizations we work with will treat us the same.

We See Continuous Improvement as a Way of Life
Because Hanover people are achievement-oriented, they are unsatisfied with the way things are, when they believe they can make improvements. So Hanover encourages and supports Hanover people in making both incremental and sweeping changes.

We are not satisfied with simply being good enough; we must be among the best in every key thing we do. To do that, Hanover people take a can-do approach to improving individual, team, and corporate performance.

We Provide the Highest Quality Products and Services
Everyone in the company is responsible for improving products and service quality. This is the only way we can meet our company goal of zero defects in workmanship and product quality. We increase quality and productivity by changing and improving work practices, investigating and implementing new technologies, and eliminating errors and waste.

By emphasizing quality in the delivery of every service and product, we achieve higher productivity because less time is wasted repetitively solving the same problems. At the same time, we also lower our costs of doing business because money is not spent on waste and re-work. And then we pass those savings on to you.

People Growth and Development
Hanover provides an opportunity for personal growth and professional achievement. The Company strives to develop job responsibilities that are rewarding, worthwhile and challenging. Hanover People and the Company demonstrate respect and caring for all members of the Hanover Team and their families, and for our neighbors, customers and suppliers.

So what does all this mean for you?
We are the people whose focus is delivering the highest quality product and service at the lowest possible cost.

And that’s how we deliver the value, quality, and service you and the rest of the industry have come to expect from Hanover Wall Systems.

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